News : Young Scholarship Recipients

November 12, 2007 5:19 PM

Young Manufacturing Co., Inc. values the tradition of a family owned company, making products for America’s homes.  The families of their employees continue to benefit from the C.T. Young Memorial Scholarships awarded each year.  The first consideration of the applicants is the length of employment time of their parent, grandparent or spouse at Youngs.

The recipients of the 2007 scholarships are Megan White, Adreane Johnson, Lauren Goff and Patricia Tinsley. Megan White is the daughter of Thomas White.  She will be completing her degree in Elementary Education in December of 2007.  After supervised student teaching this semester, Megan will be a graduate of Western Kentucky University.

Lauren Goff’s father, Rickie Goff, died nine years ago while he was a Young Manufacturing employee.  Youngs has participated in the education of his four daughters through the C.T. Young Memorial Scholarship.  Lauren’s mother is Cathy Goff, who supports her chosen course of study at DePauw University.  Lauren will be studying Kinesiology/Pre-physical therapy at DePauw University.

Patricia Tinsley is the wife of Glen Tinsley.  She plans to continue her nursing studies at Owensboro Community College. 

Our fourth recipient is Adriane Johnson, granddaughter of Jewell Pharris, from Morgantown.  She plans to attend Western Kentucky University with a chemistry major and a minor in Pre-Pharmacy.

A successful academic year is our wish for these four recipients from Young Manufacturing Co.

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