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Young's Moisture
Return® Tread
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Moisture Compensating Return Stair Treads

Young's Moisture Compensating Return® Tread. Young's unique, patented tongue-and-groove construction completely eliminates the unsightly problem of gapped miters.

Moisture Compensating Return Stair Treads
Moisture Compensating Return Stair Treads


Young solves the problem of gapped miters

No matter how careful you are, treads are exposed to changes in the climate during the distribution and constructions processes. Even the smallest trace of moisture can cause separation between the return and tread. But not any more.

Following years of extensive research, we improved the classic design of our return tread to eliminate the problem of separation. Our unique tongue and groove construction allows the tread to expand and contract by sliding along the groove instead of separating from the return. A special fastening-and-adhesion design completes the exclusive patented features to resist joint gaps. Young's Moisture Compensating Return® Treads have become the builder's only choice for top-quality, gap-free design. Don't be fooled, others cope their miters to look like our, but they can't stand up to changing climate conditions in the distribution and construction processes.


Treads are solid hardwood construction, edge-glued, kiln dried, tread staves are hand matched for color, surfaced three sides, nosed one edge and sanded on face.

Available In:

Wood Color Options
Red Oak White Oak Hard Maple
Wood Color Options
Poplar Hickory Brazilian Cherry
Wood Color Options


Select, Clear and 996 Premium


Thicknesses 1" and 3/4"
Widths 11 1/2" and 10 1/2"
Lengths 36", 42", 48", 54", 60", 72"

Reversible (graded two faces to make RH or LH return) or handed (graded one face) returns.

Made in the USA