Wood. Perfected.

Not a manufactured composite. Just milled hardwood that never rots. Guaranteed for a lifetime.

Our hardwood Armalast frames are stronger and more weather resistant than most composites.

Manufactured in the heart of the hardwood belt, Armalast Frames and the Aramalast System have a limited lifetime warranty against rot and decay. It will not warp, expand, or contract like composites. It is more aesthetically pleasing than composites and can be painted and finished based on the preferences of the owner.

Arm Your Door Frames for Rot Resistance.

Treated hardwood substrate

The entire product is treated, providing full coverage from top to bottom.

Fluted bottom insulators

Provides superior protection at the most vulnerable part of the door frame.

Proprietary Water-Resistant Primer

Creates a protective shell with excellent coverage for smoother paint application.

Primed and Polymer-Sealed DADO

Dado is fully primed and protected with a polymer sealant.

Young's Armalast Family

Exterior Frames


Mull Posts

Storm Door Extenders


Get lifetime protection with Armalast.

Our family of Armalast products is your best option for preventing rot and decay of your door. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with all of your door frame products.

The Armalast System

Take Armalast to the next level with Young’s patented HP Clad® Sill.

Premier rot-free exterior door frame with layers of protection against water and ambient moisture.

Treated hardwood to protect against temperature changes and moisture penetration.

High Performance Design.

The Armalast + HP Clad® Sill system provides the best weather protection in any environment. Our patented engineered system is your best defense against rot and decay.


Armalast Frame: Armalast is the industry’s highest performing no not frame and is backed by the simplest and most comprehensive warranty around.


Armalast Frame Fluted Insulator: The insulator keeps the bottom of the frame out of moisture and provides an additional layer of protection.


Aluminum Sill Deck: With an aggressive tread pattern, Young sills provide an non slip surface for safety.


Closed Cell Foam Gaskets: The closed cell foam gaskets provide protection against water absorption and infiltration at the doors system’s most vulnerable spot


Treated Oak Sill Base: The treated oak sill base provides unmatched strength and support, and carries a limited lifetime warranty against rot and decay


Hardwood Adjusting Rail: The hardwood adjusting rail provides superior strength and abrasion resistance, as well as better thermal performance compared composites. It is treated with a proprietary wood conditioner that aids in finishing, while also providing protection against rot, decay, and discoloration.


Patented Seal: The HP Clad Sealing mechanism ensures water tight performance since is seals on both sides of the vertical aluminum dam, and is precision cut to allow free movement of operation

High Performance Engineered Moisture Barrier.

FULLY-cladded maintenance-free

A single piece of non-corrosive, non-oxidizing sill plate that sites higher to prevent moisture penetration.

Cap Construction Cover Protection

The cap cover is included standard and protects the furniture-grade hardwood cap during construction. A full sill cover option is also available.

Penetrating Preservative Rot-Proof Hardwood Base

Made with a solid piece of hardwood that will not expand or contract during changes in temperature.

More about HP Clad Sill

100% Protection from the Elements.

Young Manufacturing's Armalast system provides 100% rot free performance that is matched with the industry's best and most comprehensive warranty. These rot free hardwood products also provide beautiful aesthetics and have none of the performance issues associated with plastics PVC, and wood fiber plastics.


Armalast frame with industry’s best and most comprehensive warranty


Insulators and gaskets that stop water absorption and infiltration


Rot free base that offers unmatched strength and support


Rot and discoloration free adjusting rail

Armalast is better than plastic and composites.

Young's penetrating preservative and wood conditioner makes hardwood better. It will not check, warp or discolor.

Plastics can’t be stained or painted to match wood.

Plastics become brittle in the cold causing cracks and leaks.

Plastic shrinks in hot environments creating gaps and leaks.

Plastics are easily abraded and difficult to repair.

No games. No loop holes. Lifetime. Guaranteed.

A best-in-class limited lifetime warranty for long-term protection and peace of mind.

Armalast System Wood Plastic
Composite Frames
Rot Resistant
Wood Bottom
PVC Dipped
Lifetime Warranty Yes Yes Yes Varies Yes
Wood Perfected Yes No No No No
Fluted Bottom Insulators Yes No No No No
Proprietary Water Resistant Primer Yes No No No No
Primed and Sealed Dado Yes No Yes No No
Stain Grade Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Ease of Installation Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Top to Bottom Rot Coverage Yes No No Yes No
Sealed Bottom Yes No Yes No Yes

Young’s Armalast Warranty beats the competitions. For a lifetime.

Get lifetime protection with the Armalast System.

Take your Armalast products to the next level by incorporating the HP Clad© Sill. With the HP Clad© Sill, you inherit the best limited lifetime warranty on the market. Contact us to learn more.



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