HP Clad® Sill

HP Clad® Sill
Clad Sill
At Young Manufacturing, craftsmanship means more than just all-clad construction, the finest materials, and an uncompromising work ethic. It is the Young family's commitment to long-lasting durability and maintenance-free performance that dates back to 1858.


  • High Performance Engineering–Young sills are designed to sit slightly higher –
    a simple design feature that prevents moisture from entering the home.

  • Highly Stable. Highly Rigid - Unlike plastic and composite-based sills, our sills are made with a solid piece of cold oil-treated hardwood that will not expand or contract during changes in
    temperature. This prevents leaks from occurring at the juncture of the sill and jamb.

  • High & Dry Technology – To prevent mull post rot, the HP Clad® system is designed with a moisture-proof adaptor that allows the base of the mull to sit up, away from any wet spots.

  • Exclusive 2-Piece Construction Cover – The cap cover, a standard feature, extends the length of
    the cap to protect the furniture-grade hardwood cap during construction. An optional second cover – cut just short of the jamb stop -- is available to protect the aluminum cladding. Used together, they form the tightest-fitting construction cover in the industry.

  • Trimmed Adjustable Cap – To ensure a freely operating threshold, the adjustable cap is precision trimmed to a size .03” shorter than the sill base.

  • Non-Corrosive, Non-Oxidizing Hardware–A beautiful alternative to competitors’ steel screws that rust, oxidize and turn the cap black. Standard Leak-Proof Gaskets–To prevent moisture from entering the juncture of the sill and jamb, Young uses only closed-cell, foam, end-seal gaskets.

  • Available in mill, brass, bronze and nickel finishes.


Adjustable or Fixed
Adjustable or Fixed
Swing Patio
Adjustable or Fixed
Adjustable or Fixed