A Commitment to Sustainability

Young Manufacturing truly values natural resources. As a major player in the hardwood industry, we have between 8 and 10 million board feet of lumber in process at all times. So, our commitment to quality products begins with a commitment to sustainable forestry.

To maintain the integrity of our managed forests, we harvest only mature timber. We never participate in complete cuts, or "clear-cutting." We not only manage our own forests, we work with other land owners to help them manage responsibly. Besides high-quality hardwood for today, our practices ensure the quality and availability of hardwood for future generations. We have been harvesting the same forests since 1858. We continue to manage them so they will provide lumber for the future.

Young is proud to operate as a green company.

Beyond a commitment to sustainable forestry, we are a resourceful manufacturer, producing very little waste
<p>Tree sap is used for dust control in Young Manufacturing Company plants.</p> <p>Young Manufacturing uses hardwoods to produce a variety of millwork building products.</p> <p>Sawdust is sold and repurposed for animal bedding.</p> <p>Millwork manufacturing waste wood is burned, producing steam used for kiln drying, heat and electricity in Young Manufacturing Company plants.</p>

Beyond a commitment to sustainable forestry, we are a resourceful manufacturer, producing very little waste. We process over 60 million pounds of lumber and raw materials annually. We convert 99 percent of these into sellable products, energy, and recycled materials. Said another way, only one percent of the materials used in our processes ends up as waste.

Young Manufacturing began to experiment with Electrical Power Generation in 1976 due to the foresight of future environmental regulations and waste disposal problems with our wood waste (sawdust, shavings, and scrap wood). YMC desired to generate electricity and heat energy, as the facilities use more than 1.25 mega watts of energy. Using wood waste to generate power reduces electrical cost and reduces the amount of material going to landfills.

Highlights of our two Biomass Steam/Electrical Plants (BSEP):
  • The BSEPs use ONLY wood waste (Biomass) for fuel. This has several environmental advantages.
  • The BSEPs use NO fossil fuel. This alone is a huge plus in that YMC requires no imported oil or domestic coal to supply energy.
  • Biomass is a highly oxygenated fuel which produces much less CO2 during combustion compared to fossil fuels (less global warming).
  • The historical challenge has been to use wood waste and burn it both cleanly and efficiently. To this end, YMC spent years perfecting the combustion design and won an Environmental Excellence award for a very clean plant gas discharge.
  • The BSEPs produce about 750,000 watts/hr of energy, or about 65% of YMC’s total electrical usage. This is enough electricity to power 150 average homes.
  • The BSEPs also produce 100% of the heat energy required for the office, manufacturing plant process, dry kilns, etc.. YMC actually uses the steam twice, or Co-Generation in engineering terms.
  • The steam is first used to make electricity and then exhaust steam is captured and used for heat. Without this source of heat YMC would have to use enough Fossil Fuel to generate 10,000,000 BTU's/hr to support the heat load in the facilities.
  • Since 2000, we have collected our steel banding throughout the year and sold it to fund scholarships for our employees and their families.